The THB brand brings together the best of the sporting world while connecting our fans and viewers to your brand story through deep immersion to the expert athletes and racers.  Find your logos across six race disciplines during the live and broadcast race events, and tell your brand story through this newest form of racing featuring the demographics from multiple racing genres and lifestyles from around the world.

Your brand will easily find loyalty with our audience whether you are sponsoring a team, experiencing our VIP hospitality and race experiences or owning the naming rights to the grand championship, because the excitement is infectious.

Team Owners

Franchise team owners celebrate the victories on the grid and in the front office.  The business of racing generates league revenues through sponsorship and visibility through broadcast to blend the best of both worlds while allowing race talent and athletes to promote the team brand identity throughout globally televised media events.


The Human Baton is a super sport relay race series. This international athletic adventure competition takes place over land, sea and air. The race series is consciously designed to spotlight and amplify our work together with organizations making a difference in the community.

Our global telecast of the races series and the stories behind the athletes elevates the THB sports league as premium content for international audiences and brand sponsors.

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