The Human Baton


A Race for this Generation

The Human Baton (THB) is a super sport relay race across 500 square miles of air, land, and sea, and is unlike any race you’ve seen before! While a regular relay race passes an inanimate baton from one racer to the next, THB teams pass a designated teammate, the “Baton Athlete'' across race disciplines for the entirety of the course. The race is broken up into six legs consisting of Drift Car, Off-Road Rally, Supercars, Endurance Horse, Thundercat Boats, and Skydiving. In order to participate, each team will have one discipline expert in each category who will drive that leg of the race, ensuring that their team’s Baton Athlete is securely passed along as quickly as humanly possible.

To add to the excitement, each Baton Athlete is equipped with the latest technology in video capture, including live streaming and virtual reality, which enables our global audience to experience every step of the race in first person. THB really does put the audience at the center of the action!

A New Breed of Athlete

What exactly is a Baton Athlete? A Baton Athlete is a seasoned athlete who cross-trains and participates in each & every discipline of the THB relay race. As the name suggests, this special breed of athlete is passed along by one team driver to the next, from air to land and sea, across all 500 square miles of the race course. While each team expert is an invaluable piece of the puzzle, the Baton Athlete is the only member of the team to participate in every leg, making him/her the thread that ties the race together. This also makes the Baton Athlete a storyteller for our audience around the world as each step, twist, and turn of the race is broadcasted from his/her point of view.

As a Baton Athlete, you are the co-pilot, navigator, and even maintenance crew if the need arises! With that in mind, Baton Athletes must be intimately familiar with 1) each race discipline (in order to optimize performance), 2) navigation (in order to best guide their driver through the course), and 3) equipment maintenance (in the case of a blown tire or any other malfunction that could arise).

Becoming a Baton

While the Baton Athlete role may seem like an outrageous feat, athletes of all backgrounds are able to pursue the adventure as easily as signing up on our website. Once registered, you will be presented with a wide variety of opportunities as they arise. These include but are (definitely) not limited to in-person training sessions, online athletic challenge competitions, educational seminars, networking events, and participation in our proprietary online social media platform. All of this comes at no cost, aside from your commitment to show up. You decide your level of involvement as well as what kind of energy you bring to the table. Here at THB, we encourage you to be your best self, bring the fun, and be welcoming and friendly to everyone in the THB universe.

Understanding the Baton Pipeline

It is important to understand that an applicant does not automatically become a Baton Athlete merely by signing up and participating. Official THB teams are actually franchises that have a team owner. Once an owner creates or takes ownership over a team, he/she will establish its management team. Like so many professional sports leagues, teams will eventually draft their expert drivers and Baton Athletes. As you can imagine, this has many implications. First and foremost, this management team will be looking for a strong candidate: an athlete who is confident in his/her abilities, who has cross trained in the various disciplines of the race.

Another important element is the athlete’s persona. While ‘stage presence’ or ‘engagement factor’ may seem like an odd qualification to be responsible for, the Baton Athlete is the eyes and ears for our global audience, and a direct representation of his/her team. This doesn’t mean that you have to fit into any specific ‘box’ though, just be yourself and let your personality shine! Through experience, networking, and determination, your aspirations of hitting the big leagues should catch the eye of team management looking for their next draft!

A Legendary Opportunity

Like anything worth working for, becoming a Baton Athlete provides a world of opportunity. THB teams will have sponsorship relationships with brands of all sizes, which means there is real potential for a very successful career path. Getting involved with THB today means you’re getting in on the ground level of a sports and entertainment revolution. In regards to athletes specifically, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab that superstar sports fame you may have dreamed of as a kid. Whether you’re a Baton Athlete champion, expert racer, pit crew member, social media warrior, or accounting aficionado, THB is creating fulfilling careers for every walk (or sprint) of life. So whether you want to be the Tom Brady of Batons, or just want to be a part of a new and exciting movement, we have a rewarding career available for you.

The Human Baton as an organization offers more than an occupation, however; we’re building community! No matter what aspect of the THB universe you’re drawn to, our proprietary social media and “Challenges” platforms offer communities where you can network, workout, cross train, and even compete with like-minded individuals. 

If you’ve been looking for a sign to pursue greatness, this is it! Reach deep, and join us as we make history! Don’t let this opportunity slide by, because as we say here at THB, "Every Second Counts!"

Athletes interested in becoming a Baton Athlete can sign up to be an athlete on our website (we have included a registration form below). From here, athletes will register to create a profile in the THB universe and begin their journey towards Baton greatness.


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