Competition Legal Guidelines

Official set of rules for the THB Holdco, LLC sponsored, THB Socially Distanced Athlete Competition, virtual athletic contest: 

General Guidelines

  • There is no cost to enter the competition.
  • You must register to enter the competition.
  • Must be over the age of 18 to enter.
  • Not eligible: Advisors and/or employees of THB, professional athletes, winners of alternative online athletic competitions, winners of real world competitions (i.e. Crossfit Games champions or other established athletic competitions).
  • Must follow THB guidelines specific to the competition as well as individual challenges (submit video in the specified format following the contest guidelines & deadline, select a difficulty level, must use a valid email address & legal name, must abide by contest rules for submission, must obey all local ordinances, may not defame, harm, or abuse any persons or property while entering the contest or recording the submission video). See official rules for a complete list.
  • By submitting your video you agree to the THB Competition Guidelines.
  • You may only enter one class of competition: Level 1 or 2.  Once a class level is selected, participants must remain in that class each week for the remainder of the competition.
  • Criteria for judging/voting method; Judging criteria will be described by the THB Governing Body Committee per event guidelines. Challenge specific guidelines will be available for each athletic contest on the event description page, as well as in the caption area of each YouTube challenge explanation video. YouTube is not a sponsor or partner to THB Holdco, or the Socially Distanced Athlete Competition.
  • Scoring & Prizes: Each week’s challenges will result in a top 5 contestant leaderboard. While the top 10 contestants will earn points, only the top 3 winners of each challenge level will result in prizes. Each participant that lands in the top 10 will earn a specified amount of points depending on their place. These points will be carried on for the entirety of the competition and result in an overall competition score. The overall contest champion will be the participant who accumulated the most points throughout the contest. 

    1st place - 24,000 pts
    2nd  - 12,000 pts
    3rd - 6,000 pts
    4th - 3,000 pts
    5th - 3,000 pts
    6th - 1,000 pts
    7th - 1,000 pts
    8th - 1,000 pts
    9th - 1,000 pts
    10th - 1,000 pts

    Level 1 Prize Value
    1st: $1,000
    2nd: $250
    3rd: $100

    Level 2 Prize Value
    1st: $500
    2nd: $150
    3rd: $100
  • There are no requirements for “likes” or “follows” in order to win.
  • Duration of Competition: June 21, 2021 - August 4, 2021.
  • Tie-Breaker: Tie goes to the contestant who submitted their video first (submission with the earliest timestamp). If you’d like to contest the results, please send an email to stating your case and the tie-breaking judges will analyze.
  • Reasons for Disqualification: Obvious use of alcohol or drug use, on or off-camera will disqualify any contestant.  The use of performance enhancing drugs are not allowed.  The use of any illegal substance is not allowed. Legal infractions of any type are not allowed during this competition, and are reason for disqualification.
  • This is solely a THB competition and is not sponsored by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other external social media platform.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • Winners will be notified by email correspondence after final ruling has taken place.
  • Prize Winners: Physical address required for prize winners (not a PO Box). If the prize winner is subject to U.S. taxes, the host (THB) is required to send the winner a 1099 in January of the following year.

Legal Considerations

  • THB will never sell or share your personal information with outside parties.
  • THB will not be held accountable for liability of injury; enter at your own risk.
  • THB assumes no liability for entrants or entries and all contestants enter at their own risk.
  • All submissions become the property of THB and may be used in all promotional materials online and offline. 
  • Contestants grant to THB, the perpetual right to use, and to grant others the right to use, my name, likeness, biographical information, photographs, voice, personal characteristics, incidents in my life, and other personal identification (collectively "Likeness") and any digital, videotape, sound and audio-visual recordings including, without limitation, any portrayal, impersonation, or simulation of me in any way, (collectively "Recordings") in any and all manner and media, now known or hereafter devised, throughout the world, for any and all purposes including, without limitation, in connection with the Activity. I hereby acknowledge that all of my actions and speech are subject to being recorded (and being included in the Recordings for all purposes hereunder) and that at all times during the recording process that some Recordings may be made using microphones and/or cameras which are hidden or at a distance and not immediately apparent, or of which I may not be aware, and I nonetheless consent to such Recordings. 
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